Data Video 2007

Data Video 2007

Data video is the video editing software used byl the best volleyball teams
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The use of Data Video 2007 is composed by a couple of simiple phases.
- Download, in digital format, the film of the match onto the hardrive of the computer
- Associate the first code scouted with either Data Volley 2007 or DV Mobile 2 to the first frame of the video.
After completing these simple operations, with the use of the Data Video 2007 analysis functions, one can review any sequence of video film that corresponds to a statistical event scouted.

The first step, is therefore to save the film file onto the computer. This phase, nominated Capture, has been restructured with great potential in Data Video 2007. Now it is possible to:
- capture in DV format from a digital video camera that is directly connected to the PC via Firewire port.
- compress in real time the DV film into Mpg-2 or DivX format (this process requries a Dual Core processor)
- import a film from a DVD-Video
- continue using the same acquisition cards used in the previous version of the software.
The synchronization phase is that which consents the user to align the scouted codes with the match events captured on video. Data Video 2007 maximum capacity is expressed when its use is coupled with a scout file obtained from either Data Volley 2007 or DV Mobile 2.
For those who do not have a scout file, it is possible, with Data Volley 2007, to create a personalized scout file that will then consent the user to highlight actions of interest and create customized video montages. The scout created will be directly synchronized with the film

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